Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Father Joseph Sharing a Blessing

This was a video I captured back in January 2015.  His speech is a little changed now. It is harder to pronounce any Bs in words but he is still carrying on wonderful conversations.  Pray for us as we go forward with future preparations.  I know several of you have lost loved ones.  It is hard to grasp that one day you see them then the next they are gone.  Let us cherish each other now in the moment because none of us know the day or the time of our eternity.  God bless all of you out there in your struggles and triumphs.  God is ever loving and merciful

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Latest Update

It is hard to know where the cancer is spreading.  One can sit and speculate for hours, but God is whispering "Be still and know that I am God".  My older sister shared with me that God is taking him little by little literally as his skin is overtaken little by little by the cancer.  The left side of his face is a little thicker as the cancer from the lip spreads inward.  He commented that he feels that there is fluid in his ear on the left side also.  So we can tell it has spread a little deeper in the left side.  He is still able to eat scrambled eggs and small cut up fruit and oatmeal in the morning.  He tries to drink his milk from a bottle with a small opening but 1/3 of it dribbles out the other side due to the gap in his lip.  It is a little hard to watch as he has to wear a towel to catch the drool and extra fluids.  Maintaining his dignity is first and foremost as we all care for him.  Before making a suggestion one must be thoughtful about what to say and ask being sensitive to his abilities.
Mentally he is sharp.  He is not walking as much due to fatigue and shortness of breath.  He says he prays, eats, and sleeps. It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming soon.  A year ago  December 30th the doctors said to go home for quality of life not knowing when his time would be 3,6,9, or 12 months...
Please pray for continued peace and God's will in his life.  For all those with Facebook send a picture of your family or group of friends saying hello to him.  I know he would love to see all of you this way.  Know he is waving back and praying for each and everyone one of you.  Make this Advent special.  While you light your candles offer a special prayer for him as he continues to prepare his way...
Please also join the Feek family Joey and Rory as the world prays for Joey and her cancer journey.  There is a general world wide prayer vigil tomorrow night at 9 pm est.  Check out Rory's blog page