Thursday, March 26, 2015

Update 3/26/15

From Denise:

He has lost some weight.  Although he still cannot eat anything, he is adding to his beverages of choice.  He continues to drink Boost Plus and Higher Calorie Boost, but the other day he tried a frosty from Wendy's and on another day, he tried some tea - his very favorite drink.  He struggles somewhat with the straw, but we can see improvements are being made, baby-step by baby-step.  His talking is more understandable for which we are all grateful, especially those of us who are horrible at charades and sign language.

Our hope is for continued improvements in his ability to talk and in his ability to eat.  We hope that by Easter or Divine Mercy Sunday, he will be able to eat.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Father Joseph update 3/16

On Saturday Fr. Joe walked 1/3 of a mile. On Sunday, he attended 10:30 Mass. His mouth wound looks a little better. When he uses his special mouthwash, he is able to speak better. He still is unable to eat. After wound care, we went outside on the porch and sat in rocking chairs. Some parishioners came by to say hello. Fr. Joe was conversant and even sang a bit of a song. His strength and the strength of my sisters simply amazes me.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sisters Update

Father Joseph's sister is out of ICU and back down in labor and delivery postpartum. She hopefully will be out early week.  She will have a long recovery to full physical health. Funeral arrangements have been made for  Jeremiah Joseph and Gabriella Immaculada.                                                            Funeral March 19,2015 at 10 AM at St Brendan the Navigator Catholic Church 4633 Shiloh Road Cumming, GA 30040.                                             Burial at Honey Creek Woodlands Cemetery  2625 GA-212 Conyers, GA 30094.
Many have asked how they can help. Prayers for the present and long road ahead would be much appreciated.  We can never underestimate their power and the power of God.  Friends of the families have set up a tilt fund at the following...
Click here to link to Christina and Mike's donation page.
Click here to link to Regina and Jose's donation page.

Thank you for all everyone has done. I will remember all of you at mass today in my prayers. For those of you going through your own sufferings I pray for you. For those who will be helping others through their suffering this week I pray for you. God help all those and may angels surround you.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Sisters update

One sister is in ICU. The sister who had emergency c section yesterday. She went last night due to low platelets and hemoglobin/hematocrit. She received more blood products and platelets are at 70,000. The doctors would like to see her above 80 and climbing. So please offer your prayers for her and her health.
The other sister is at home recovering.
Thank you for all your prayers.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Father Joe's Sisters

I know this is a blog about how Father Joe is doing but I wish to take a moment to ask for prayers for his sisters. Two of his sisters and mine were pregnant and due any day. Today one sister went in and lost her son due to placental abruption and the other later went into labor and delivered her daughter stillborn. She did not realize that her little one had already passed two days prior. So it was not the stress of of the other sister's delivery.These two beautiful angels are in heaven tonight. Please pray for the parents and their siblings. At mes like this we cannot rely on our own understanding.  My sisters and their husbands have been a great witness. May angels surround them.
Father Joe is putting up a good comeback from radiation. Still only drinking boost vhc and milk. May God give him strength over these next few days. Thank you.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Updated prayer calendar link

Here is the updated link for days up to March 14th.  More will be added as we go along.


His story my perspective part 2

Being from a family of 11 children it seems like there wouldn't be a problem finding a perfect match for his bone marrow transplant.  Instead of one sibling matching him he had three siblings to match his bone marrow.  The doctors had to narrow it down to decide which of the matches would be the best between the three.  There are two ways to do a bone marrow transplant from the donor.  My sister's cells were collected by leukapheresis instead of bone marrow harvest.  She received a medication that caused her bone marrow to produce immature stem cells.  These cells would go out into her bloodstream. The doctors would then collect the blood by an IV draw.  The blood would then be filtered and then administered to father Joseph.  After the bone marrow transplant he remained hospitalized receiving various medications to prevent infection and graft versus host disease. Father Joseph had a 30 to 40% chance of graft versus host disease.  He did develop this and subsequently developed the chronic type of graft versus host disease that lasts a lifetime.  His symptoms have included keratoconjunctivitis sicca or dry eyes for which he has to chronically use replenish eyedrops, fatigue, muscle weakness, and mouth sensitivity. He also has joint stiffness and has suffered from scleroderma a tightening of the skin.  Due to the scleroderma he cannot extend his right arm fully.  The most significant symptom he has dealt with throughout all of this is the skin rashes and wounds...

Friday, March 6, 2015

Get FJP updates on facebook

Regina has started a facebook page for ease in updating everyone on Father Joseph's health and prayer needs.
Follow "accept your mission complete your mission"

His story my perspective part one

Back in 2001 my older brother Father Joseph came home for Thanksgiving vacation. We were all impressed at his stature. He looked as if he had lost some weight in a healthy way. When asked what he was doing he commented "I just am not as hungry for a whole meal anymore or to eat seconds".  moving forward a few months I was finishing work on Valentine's day when I was told I had a call on line one. Picking up the phone I heard my brother say "I've just been diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia. How do I tell mom and dad?"  I learned some about this in medical school but since I work with children I don't see these cases.I asked him what his symptoms were he said extreme fatigue and looking back he said he remembered he couldn't keep up with the drill runs while he was on a military week in August in Quantico. That wasn't like him for you see he was trained to be on the Navy search and rescue team and had gone through rigorous training for that.I told him we will just take it one day at a time. I did some research and saw that Gleevec was available instead of the harsh medication of an interferon. there were several stories out there of success. This was good however his doctors told him with his type he would eventually need a bone marrow transplant to be fully treated for his luekemia. In the meantime he finished up seminary and was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Atlanta in June of 2002.The first parish he started in was Saint Catherine of Sienna. Sometimes people offer up their suffering for certain groups or certain individuals. Father Joseph decided to offer up his suffering throughout all of this for the priest of the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Prayers for warmer weather

In Puerto Rico Father Joseph was able to go for walks that lifted his spirits, helped him sleep soundly, and increased his appetite.  Since his return to Atlanta he hasn't been able to get out due to the poor weather and his low body weight as insulation.  He clings to the hope of spring.

Prayer request- as we make our way towards spring ask God to sprinkle a few bright and warm days into the week.  Just enough to allow Father Joseph some outdoor time.

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It'll act as kind of a sticky note that stays up front.  It's the link tho Father Joseph's 24 hr prayer sign up calendar.  Go pick a slot today and join Father Joseph's mission.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Need special prayers today

Plans for Father Joseph's future care are being discussed by his superiors today.  Say a prayer that The best option is chosen.  
Maybe today forgo a cup of coffee and offer it up for Father Joseph.
Or instead of working through lunch take a walk and enjoy the sun- and offer that up.  Offering consolations up works too!


Monday, March 2, 2015

pictures from San Juan

Pictures from San Juan! Brought to you by Denise. Father Joseph is home now. Thank you all for your prayers and sacrifices.
He traded Palm trees and warm breezes for peach trees and atlanta ice freezes.

I will try and update again this week.
For now just continue praying for strength and courage on the journey.