Tuesday, December 22, 2015

His Mission

I have put off writing this blog for a while.  All of "his family" needs an update though. So here we go. His mission on earth is entering its final weeks. He sleeps much more and his breathing is becoming more labored, although he utters not a complaint. The areas of squamous cell are continuing to disfigure him.  Again I thought of sharing photos but I wish for you to picture how you know him and offer these last few weeks in prayer for him. He appreciates all the prayer and I feel his suffering is a little less because of all the offerings being made. Please continue prayers for my parents and the siblings. My meditations lately have been on Matthew24:36, Isaiah 53, and 2 Corinthians 4:7-18.
I know a lot of you are busy with Christmas preparation but truly remember it is all about that baby in the Manger many years ago and the love He poured out his whole life for all of us unconditionally. He waits for all of us with open arms.  God will soon be calling Father Joseph home and how great it is to have this comfort that he will not be alone.  https://youtu.be/CHV6BjuQOZQ