24 Hour Prayer Coverage

We have an online sign up for 24/7 prayer coverage for Father Joseph.
Click HERE to sign up.
New dates are added bi-monthly or so.  So keep checking back and signing up!

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  1. I met Father Joe when he was still a seminarian and was teaching confirmation class with Mike Smith at the Ft. Detrick Chapel. My daughters (Gloryanne and Gloryvee) were taking the class to get Confirmed in the Faith the following spring. Since I was confirmed as a baby, on the same day that I was baptized, I asked them if I could sit in the class to know what I have missed all those years. I learned so much that I was moved by the Spirit to help teach the class on the following years until now (this is my last year). I became very involved in the Chapel activities. I remember that we had a Sweetheart Banquet in February. There was music and I had the honor of swing-dancing with (soon to be Deacon) Joe. I loved it (I forgot to mentioned that I was the puertorrican in the room who had never danced that style before, but, I do love dancing.) Anyway, we all love Fr. Joe and are praying for him. I need him to know that the Lord worked a miracle for me and I am now cured from my bout with cancer. I just had my infusion port removed on Jan. 18, 2016. Just like Fr. Joe, I offered every little thing through the hands of Mary, Our Mother to use anyway she pleased, and now I am healed (Glory be to God). I will be praying to Jesus' Divine Mercy through the intercession of Fr. Capodanno for strength through it all. Fr. Joe we love you. Jesus, I trust in You.