Saturday, April 30, 2016

Thank You

I took my son to the orthopedist yesterday for a follow up visit.  The day after Father Joseph passed away, my son was out on a longboard (a board longer than the typical skateboard) and he decided to use a cell phone app to clock an average speed he was going.  Needless to say he got up to 32 miles per hour.  He had a helmet on like a smart fellow but no shoes.  Of all the nephews of Father, my son is the only one who has served for the Archbishop and under Mr. Huynh so it was looking as if this was not going to be possible.  Thankfully the only take away from the accident was a wrist injury that needed only local bracing and a foot injury that needed a small boot and he was able to serve.
So at the appointment yesterday the doctor said, "how far are we out from the incident, six weeks?"  Of course you have to recall what event it was around and memories of that week returned.  At my workplace on the wall is my diploma from college.  It hangs above the copy machine and looking at it the other day I was reminded of 26 years ago and some of the events of that day.
Father Joseph carrying me in the parking lot.

Now we are ending the month of April and entering the month of May.  One in which we remember the Mother of God and her fiat saying yes to the mission that she was asked to fulfill. Father Joseph realized how special the role of Mary's was and wished to share her with all.
He shared this statue of Our Lady of Fatima with many in the Atlanta Diocese.

During this time, I wish to thank all of you from the diocese and from all over for the prayers and sacrifices you offered for Father Joseph.  During those long months, we all rallied together to serve him in the way God had fit for each of us.  Each one of our jobs was no smaller or greater than the others.  The outpouring at the wake and funeral was heaven sent and beautiful.  That memory will never fade.  God bless all of you and the mission you are presently in.  Walk strongly with the Lord and help one another along.  Giv'em heaven.