Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Monsignor Hugh Marren

Our family moved to the Atlanta area in August 1972.  I was four at the time and remember when my siblings started Immaculate Heart of Mary School.  When Father Joseph was about ten and I was seven, Monsignor Marren was stationed at our church.  Father Joseph started as an altar server at this time.  Little did we all know the ramifications and future endeavor these two would have.  Father Joseph went to IHM until 7th grade and Monsignor moved to different parishes.  In 1998 when I moved back to the area with my husband and two children at the time, we went to St Benedicts and low and behold who was the pastor but Monsignor.  I remember him saying not many of you know who I am, but my sister and I knew very well.  He was the man I saw carry around 50 lb sacks of concrete and said "pam" Sunday and in the "sams" for psalms.  Forward a few years and it is Monsignor again at All Saints accepting Father Joseph to his parish in fall of 2011 to continue his priestly mission.  Little did we know how much Monsignor would mean to our family in the final years of Father Joseph's life and the final days.  Monsignor has a big heart and dearly loved my brother.  Monsignor just recently celebrated his 40 years of priesthood.  Thank you Monsignor for answering your call and assisting with our brother's final journey.  God bless you.

Be open to God's calling.  You never know when you will be needed in someone's life and you may not realize who in your life presently will come back around and be a help for you in your time of need.