About Father Joseph

Father Joseph Peek developed leukemia in his final year of seminary.  Sometime later, in 10/2002, he recieved his sister's bone marrow in a transplant.  He has fought many battles along the way including but not limited to, host vs. graft disease, MRSA, scleroderma, and now squamous cell carcinoma.
His doctors say that the squamous cell carcinoma he has now is too involved to treat.  Without a cure he will die sometime this year.  We are asking all prayer warriors to pray for God to work a miracle through His servant, the "Grunt Padre", Fr. Vincent Capodanno.  Fr Joseph says as for now he will continue to live one day at a time doing God's will.



  1. I give thanks to our Holy God and His faithful servants for the opportunity to pray for Father Joseph Peek. I travel monthly to work at a Carmelite monastery in the Northwest. I leave tomorrow for the monastery and will pray before Our Lady of Carmel in the chapel for her graces to be poured out for Fr. Peek, and will offer all my labors on the property for this beloved priest. I will offer his intentions during the Mass. I will pray a rosary of the sorrowful mysteries for Fr. Peek before the most beautiful statue of the Infant of Prague which is centered in the courtyard garden, a garden dedicated for priests in the Year of the Priesthood.

    And when I leave the monastery to return to my place in the outside world, I will continue to pray for Fr. Peek in a special way all throughout Lent.

    God keep your Faithful Priest Father Peek close to your Most Sacred Heart.

    And when I leave I will

  2. Father Joseph -- In order to keep you in our prayers, we began a nightly family rosary. What began as a gift to you has become a gift to us. You continue to be a blessing to our family and our parish. We love you and miss seeing you. Jesus, we trust in You.

  3. Diana (DeFilippo) O'RourkeFebruary 27, 2016 at 1:33 AM

    I posted the following on my facebook page on February 16, 2016:

    Please pray for friend of mine, FrJoseph Michael Peek. He is an incredible person and a very holy priest. I was blessed to be present for both his deaconate ordination in Emmitsburg, MD and his ordination to the priesthood in Atlanta, GA. He has been struggling with leukemia for many years, and I have just been informed that he is in the final days of life.

    I last saw him a number of years ago during Lent at his parish down in GA. It was a surprise visit, as I was in an the area for an event. He was so excited to see me and bring me into the church to show me the preparations that were underway for an incredible Easter Vigil. Knowing his passion for the theater, I can only imagine how powerful that Easter liturgy was for his parishioners.

    Fr. Peek is also a navy veteran and had hoped to become a chaplain. But his illness made that impossible. I remember on that same visit to GA that he joked about not being able to join the chaplaincy because he would have to explain to the Navy how his blood type had changed due to all of the blood transfusions he had undergone.

    Please also pray for his amazing family. When you have had an opportunity to witness the love and faith of his family, you can understand why there were two priests, a cloistered Carmelite nun, and many faith-filled families among his siblings.

  4. If anyone from Fr. Joe's family still checks in on this site, would you please read my post on CatholicMom.com and pray with me. Thank you and God bless.