Monday, January 11, 2016


These were taken one year ago.  He continues to touch lives even though he can barely have enough energy to leave his room.  He was asked to share a reflective word and he mustered up, "Sit with Jesus".  How can you sit with Jesus today?  With Him in adoration?  With Him in the elderly?  With Him in the chronically ill?  With Him in those in prison?  With Him on the streets and soup kitchens?  With Him in your coworkers?  With Him in the new mother with the crying baby at church?  With Him with the newly widowed crying at church?  In Him with your children enjoying their laughs and joys? With Him in the waiter or waitress serving you?  With Him in the grocery store?  With Him with the dad caring for his disabled son?  With Him in your spouse?  With Him in the single pregnant mother?  With Him in the  adolescent unsure of the future?     "Sit with Jesus"                  

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