Friday, September 1, 2017

Prayers for Father Greg Staab OMV

 Please pray for Father Gregory Staab OMV friend of Father Joseph.  Father Joseph studied up in Boston and learned from Father Gregory.  Father Gregory is suffering from a rare condition of Multiple System Atrophy.  He cannot move at present and is in a position similar to Blessed Pierre Giorgio.  Let us all join in prayers of Thanksgiving for this wonderful individual and pray for protection during these next weeks.

Le Père Greg Staab, omv, est mourant
He has immense devotion to Mary and has helped those heal spiritually who have had abortions.

Thank you


  1. Knew Fr. Greg Staab in Boston.. A genuinely good man.. I will keep him in my prayers.

  2. I know of Fr. Greg's struggle through his sister Theresa so he is in my daily prayers.