Saturday, February 21, 2015

First Week of Lent : update by Denise

Sending some pictures of Fr. Joseph taken this week.  Each day he is showing a little more improvement.  He was not able to eat due to the effects of radiation around his mouth causing his lower lip to swell and causing his inner mouth to be filled with blisters.  He is being a good patient with round the clock care.  He takes his meds every three hours, his Boost, his organic whole milk, his water, his Magic Mouthwash, and his aloe.  He has his vitals taken every three hours - blood pressure, temperature, pullsox (sp?), and respiratory breaths per minute.  His weight is taken at least once a day.  His bedding is washed every day.  His room is kept clean.  He is a good boy.  :)

Keep up the prayers, you wonderful prayer warriors.

Specific prayer request 
*Please pray for the ability to take in more nutrition.  His mouth pains him so- his daily intake has been limited by his pain to just a few boosts, a few glasses of water And some whole milk.

*please pray for Father Joseph as a few of his siblings (including a doctor and a nurse) take him on a "bucket list" trip to Puerto Rico today.  They will be there for the week taking in life and enjoying it one sip at a time.


  1. I just realized today that Fr. Peek was so sick again. I do not really know him except through the internet. I don't remember how we "met" but I have been so inspired by him and his joyful suffering. My friend's daughter entered the Carmel here. I posted a photo of her twin brother who was struggling with the separation. Here is what Fr. Peek wrote:
    FrJoseph Michael Peek "My sister has been in carmel for over twenty five years now and in that time the miracle of one hug was given. Of course putting a sibling in the convent has ramifications - although early on she expressed the hope that her sisters would join her ("like St. Therese") it ended up being two out of the three boys in the priesthood. The honor of saying mass for my 'sisters'-in-Christ is one of my blessings. Like marriage you have not lost a sister, you have gained a community. Your familial blessings have just skyrocketed!" Those touching words helped this young man and his family tremendously. We will be praying for Father extra hard and I will ask the Carmelites to pray as well. God bless you, Liz Feuerborn (Frank and kids) Lincoln, NE

  2. Thank you. We will share this with Father Joseph.