Monday, February 23, 2015

Update from Puerto Rico: by Denise

Wish we got Joe in first class. Maybe we can get him and Margaret seats in first class for way home.  
We also learned to just let him walk through security. The extensive pat down was brutal to watch. I'm sure it wasn't so pleasant for Joe. If the guy patted Joe one more time on his side wound, I was going to lose it.
Joe's resting in bed looking right out at the ocean, feeling the fresh ocean breeze through his open door and window. Earlier he sat outside in a lounge chair. It was picture perfect when this suffering sailor stood with his hands on the railing and looked out over the sea.
So this morning Fr. Joe went for a long solo walk on a pathway beside the ocean and through the palm trees. He came back and drank water with electrolytes. When he finished, he  wondered what else there was to drink. Great news!
Thank you for all your prayers!
If you haven't signed up to fill a prayer hour please see an older post for the link to the sign up genius.  

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