Saturday, August 29, 2015

Our Mission His Mission

Long pauses are not always comfortable. Sorry for the long pause.  Since last writing Fr Joseph has had several events occur.  He underwent 5 tooth extraction and dental cleaning.  I know the doctors would wish to remain anonymous but I wish to thank them from the bottom of my heart. They are Dr Joe Pausa and Drs. Stephanie and Sean O'Rourke.  They were very compassionate and carrying for my brother.  This occurred early in July so it would be after his trip to his sister in Erie and before his 50th birthday.  He is able to eat a little better since the surgery and still able to drink. Thanks be to God. 


  1. Dear Fr. Joseph Peek,
    I met you back in 2005 when you came to Milwaukee for an ordination of a friend. Your sister asked you to contact me.
    I have not forgotten you over the years, seeing and knowing of your love and faith in our Father.
    This is just a little note to say "hello" and know that I pray for you and ask others as well.
    Thank you Fr. Joseph for giving of yourself to the Lord.
    I made a prayer request to a monastic community in another country through one of their Saints............oh, who has been so helpful in his intercessory prayers.
    in Christ, with prayers and gratitude to your family (your "little sister" especially ) who surrounds you with care and love........and the larger Christian family that also is with you.
    I thank God for you.
    Rita (McKillip), Milwaukee

  2. Thank you I will tell him. God bless your mission.