Thursday, April 23, 2015

Quick Update

The squamous cell carcinoma on his lip that was radiated looks better than it did but will never go away but by a miracle. The back of his neck has healed up rather nicely. His left arm looks good with just a small area of pressure. The right arm was never treated because of the scleroderma in the elbow and radiation being contraindicated in that case. So that lesion stands out  and is a good 2 inch by 2 inch in size. His left side gvhd ( graft vs host disease) lesion remains the size of a grown man's hand fully extended and his back has two small areas of gvhd spots. He is talking better and is taking the comfort foods most of us have had: Simple Shepherds pie, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, plain baked tilapia with butter.  Still drinking the boost.
We ventured to the oralmaxilfacial doctor the other day and he was told that two teeth need pulling.
Please pray for a smooth go at that and a quick healing time.
Thanks again for all those out there who have offered there struggles and discomforts up for him.
God bless all of you and your families, you are in my prayers.

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  1. I'm a parishioner at All Saints and was very excited when Father Joseph came to us. I found out I had somewhat of a connection with him. We were both students at GA Tech at the same time. And my roommate was a Navy ROTC. I often accompanied her to the unit while we walked around campus together, so maybe we crossed paths many years ago. I find Father Joseph so inspirational. In the face of extreme adversity, he has not given up and he has not lost his faith. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. My family says a prayer for him every night. Go Jackets!