Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Three months ago Father Joseph was told by the oncologist just to go home and enjoy the quality of life. She could only estimate at that time 3 months,6 months 9 months etc. If you ever have to go to or deal with an oncologist, you will realize that they have to bear the worst news. They must share what the worst case scenario would be. You can listen and be downtroddened or you can keep positive and live for the Lord.  Upon hearing the news all of Father Joseph's siblings got together one weekend in January. We enjoyed food, fellowship, and faith.  We all gathered unsure of what lay ahead. He shared a quote with us: Accept your mission,  complete your mission.  Many feel that this quote shows signs that he has given up and succumbed to the cancer and gvhd. On the contrary. He sees his mission to be the best graft versus host disease and squamous cell carcinoma patient. At present he lives a symbiotic existence with those two.  When I show people pictures of his wounds they say he must be on round the clock pain medication.  Amazingly he isn't.  In February he had the radiation treatment to one arm the neck and lip area. He suffered and still suffers the aftermath of the lesions in his mouth caused by radiation. (If you ever have a loved one or yourself needing mouth radiation,  do your research on the types and  where they are offered and if insurance covers.Father Joseph was limited to the Emory University healthcare system where he has received all his care thus fat.
When you or your love one has to have mouth radiation make sure they begin on their mouth wash prior to the beginning of the radiation treatment. They will continue on this mouthwash throughout the treatment and then after the treatment until they have healed up.  Some individuals might not be able to tolerate food so you must find high calorie liquid substitute for them to take. I was able to find the very high calorie boost formula online at MVS discount sales.. We were able to buy it bulk for Father Joseph. They have the best prices. We used silvadene for several days on Father Josephs arm but there's also a cream known as jeans cream that several patients who have had radiation treatment have used with great success.
At the sibling get together in January we discussed how we didn't know what the end of life looks like. We discussed funeral mass and burial plans. We discussed other topics to consider. All the while I had this strange feeling that we were be preparing for someone else. Little did I realize that God would be calling home our niece and nephew before the rest of us. 
So "if today you hear his voice harden not your heart" accept the mission that he has given you. Let His light shine through you so all the world can see.
Thank you for all your prayers for Father Joe. I pray for all those out there dealing with cancer of any sort I pray for those who  just received your diagnosis, all receiving chemotherapy, all who are under going radiation, and all who have been told to enjoy quality of life. I pray for the families of these individuals so that they receive the support they need during this time. May God bless all of you.

Father Joseph was able to eat some scrambled eggs yesterday. Small steps but big ones. Continue to pray for his intentions. Thankyou.

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