Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Simplest Things

I had not completed thorough research on mouth radiation prior to Father Joseph's treatment.  We  therefore encountered a few interesting situations along the way.  One thing I would like to stress is that the incidence of dehydration increases greatly and the caregiver should monitor ins and outs closely to stay ahead. Doing the research I read of several individuals who had issues with this. Luckily with Father Joseph he was able to stay ahead and avoid the need for a nasal gastric tube. Praise God.  The other issue is healing time. After further research it seemed four to six weeks for recovery. This is for the general population without other complications like Father Josephs. Therefore it was a given to pick Easter or Divine Mercy Sunday as a target date for being able to eat again.. I am happy to report that he has reached his goal and has had sweet potato soufflé and was able to shred some meat and enjoy the taste. He has had some breakfast items and is continuing to expand his diet.  Over the time of his recovery it was just boost plus and vhc boost. Some of us were about to start the Father Joseph boost challenge.  We are thankful to God as we near the completion of the Divine Mercy novena that he has had this ability to eat again. Most of us take eating for granted. Please thank God for all you get to eat and pray for all those who go to bed hungry tonight.
Thank you all for your continued prayers.

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  1. He is in our thoughts and prayers, God bless him!